Western Boots

Find Boulet Western Boots in Burnaby

Whether you’re a Cowboy or a Cowgirl, you’ll find your next pair of Western Boots at Ralph’s Shoe Service in Burnaby. Our large selection includes various models by Boulet, the first Canadian company to produce cowboy boots.

Boulet Western Boots

Renowned for their unparalleled quality, Boulet Western Boots are handmade in Canada and feature a 100% Goodyear welt construction for increased durability, comfort and water resistance. These quality boots are made by a family-owned company which maintains the tradition of excellence that makes Boulet Western Boots a popular choice in Canada as well as fifteen other countries where they’re sold.

Custom Orders

Boulet Western Boots has one of the biggest selections on the market. If we don’t have the style that you are looking for, we can order it in. Whether it’s a traditional leather boot or a more exotic, colourful model, we’ll get it in your size!

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