It is with great sadness that we announce Ralph’s Shoe Service will be closing on November 30 2019.
To all of our customers over the last 50 years, we appreciate your loyalty, your business and your friendship.

Thank you from all of us at Ralph’s.
Paul, Stenner & Ray


Learn to Care for Your Footwear

A good pair of shoes or boots is an investment. At Ralph’s Shoe Service, we want you to enjoy your footwear for as long as possible, by making it more comfortable, preserving its original look and taking care of the wear and tear in time. Learn what we can do for your shoes by taking a look at the frequently asked questions.

Q: My shoes are too high, can you lower the heel?

A: Yes we can lower them a bit. If you change it too much, the shank will not sit right in your foot and the shoe will be uncomfortable.

Q: The leather has peeled off the top of my steel-toed boots, if I have them repaired are they still safe for the jobsite?

A: The safety requirement in work boots is in the steel toe. Replacing the leather will not affect the safety rating.

Q: My new boots are too tight in my calves, can you stretch them?

A: It depends on how much more room you require. We can stretch the calf to make it slightly larger. If you need more room, we can add panels or hidden elastic strips or even a zipper.

Q: I spent a lot of money on my designer shoes, should I have them resoled before I wear them?

A: Definitely. The quality of soles that come on most new shoes will wear out quickly and that could result in damage to the shoe itself.

Q: Can you dye any shoe to match my dress?

A: We will custom dye your satin shoes. If you have leather shoes that you would like to dye we do carry a product line of dyes that you can take home and do it yourself. Satin definitely gives the best colour match.

Q: My stiletto heels are too narrow; can I swap them out for a wider heel?

A: Yes you can. We can show you a large selection of heel options that we can use to make your shoes or boots better for you.

Q: I bought a pair of shoes with a red sole; can you resole them in red?

A: Yes, we carry the red soles that match the Louboutin soles. This will extend the life of your shoes without taking away that signature red sole.

Q: Do you install taps on dance shoes?

A: Yes, we do a lot of work with dance shoes. We install taps and brakes and any other repair that your shoe may need.

Q: I have suede boots that have a tear in the side, can they be repaired?

A: Usually without much of scar. We will typically assess the tear when you bring it in and give you our honest opinion.